Non Graduate Kenyans can now Get Work Permits from the UK

The new immigration rules in the UK now allow for Kenyans without degrees to access work permits in the UK. This followed after the UK agreed to exit the European Union. The new visa rules have now created an even playing field for Kenyans looking to work in the UK, as the government has vowed to have equal treatment of EU and non EU citizens. This means, no more stringent visa rules for Africans and equal treatment of all migrants. For one to qualify for a visa, one will have to attain 70 points. Having a job offer for a skilled job earns you 40 points, while English speakers earn 10 points.

If you have a job offer for which the UK has a shortage, you can earn the extra 20 points. These points can also be earned if the applicant is due to be paid Kshs. 3,790,000 a year or Kshs. 316,480. Additionally, international students who have completed their undergraduate or masters degrees are now allowed to stay in Britain for 2 years while those completing their doctorates are allowed 3 years, in order to secure jobs in the UK.

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